Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1st Pass of Hawx

Hawx is in full swing now. Animation is about 98% done with just minor fixes being done as we find them. Scene assembly is just past half way done and the FX artists started this week. As projects go this one is simpler than most. Half of the spot takes place in the air so we don't have to worry about shadows on the environment or in some shots not even an environment at all. Only 3 of the aerial shots ended up needing a modeled environment in the background. The rest of the aerial shots worked just fine with photographed cloud backgrounds and afterburn particles mixed together. The FX will consist of two large explosions (seen in 4 total shots) and some simpler things like vapor trails and flares. We'll have our first review of the scene assembly this Friday with the client. That's when we'll find out if we're really on the right track or not ;) .