Friday, July 25, 2008

Nearly 5 years

Well...Hawx is now finished and out the door.... And so am I. After nearly 5 years at Blur I've decided to move on. I'll be heading over to Digital Domain to work in their commercials department. Its been an amazing ride at Blur. I've made lots of great friends and grown tremendously as an artist and team leader. Blur is a fantastic place to work and I'm very sad to say goodbye. I've always wanted to produce photo real renderings, and since that is a type of work that Blur rarely does, I've decided to move on. I will miss you Blur! Thanks for everything.

On a side note. Digital Domain is pretty much walking distance from Blur, and Sze (my wife) will still be working at Blur. So I'm not really leaving, just sitting further down the street. :)

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