Friday, August 15, 2008

One week and counting

I've just completed my first week at Digital Domain. So far its been exciting, frustrating and overwhelming at times. I've been bombarded with a ton of new software to learn, both proprietary and off the shelf. The amount of new software to learn has been the overwhelming part. Each day its gotten easier, but its still a lot to try to soak in all at once. At times its been frustrating because for the past 5 years at Blur I've known the pipeline and tools inside out. Even helped to create some of them. But now I find myself the struggling new guy all over again. So far that has been both exciting and frustrating as I mentioned before. Knowing one pipeline inside out and then being dropped into a new pipeline and software that is completely foreign has been the hard part. Your faced with wanting to produce work at the same level and speed that your used to doing, but you know no matter what that there has to be a period of time in which to learn and your going to be slower until you gain experience with the new tools and pipeline. I'm excited about learning new software and work flows. I'm also excited to get to work on different types of projects and make new friends.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

Sounds pretty intense over at DD, what softwares are you using if you can say. How are you doing now after a couple of months. I saw some of the stuff they did with The Mummy at sigraph some really cool stuff.

Is Marion still working there if he is tell him I said what's Up. Wonder if he still remembers the days at Focus.

Tony Ortiz

Tim Jones said...

Hey Tony!

Things have gotten easier at DD. I've started to figure out how things work over here. Its not so intense anymore :)

We're using EVERYTHING over here. Mainly though modeling is done in any package you want. Animation mostly in Maya. Rendering in Lightwave or 3ds Max (vray). FX in Houdini and compositing in Nuke.

I don't think Marion is here...He doesn't show up in the employee directory.

Tim J